Interactive Energetic Inspiring––Touching lives with the Spirit, one adventure at a time!

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Adventures In The Spirit Creative Ministry Inc.

 Let us take you on an Adventure in the Spirit!

Providing education in the form of workshops, demonstrations using puppetry, Godsticks, creative sign language and movement, along with prop building. By giving and using performances, participants will gain stage presence, performance techniques and theatre knowledge.

Our workshops give individuals and organizations alike, a creative way to live and share the Gospel, while enhancing their own spirituality and/or self esteem. Our goal with the knowledge we share, will inspire others to create or enhance their own creative ministry team to use as an outreach for all ages. These skills can also be used in job opportunities or as a career.

Our mission is based on reaching and teaching with the Gospel, but we can adjust our presentations and workshops so they are not based on religion, but instead on strong core values, with emphasis on making positive personal choices that improve lives and ultimately the community.